Wired For Competition – So Optimism Makes Sense Now

Wired For Competition – So Optimism Makes Sense Now

On college campuses around the United States, football teams have been playing their spring practice games. For several reasons, these spring rituals are quite popular.

One reason is that in most cases they are free. This means that avid fans who cannot afford the ever-escalating regular season ticket prices are allowed into the stadium gratis for this one exhibition game. When the actual season arrives and they will watch the games on TV, they’ll enjoy warm memories of their time on the fifty yard line.

Another reason: Devoted football fans have been unable to see a college game for three or four months. They are hungry for action. They want to see the long kicks and passes, hear the band play, and buy pretzels and soft drinks from a vendor. If they don’t now, they’ll have to wait another few months.

A third reason: Fans want to get some indication of the talent available for next season’s team. Who will win the starting quarterback spot? Will the defense reduce the number of scores it allowed last year?

Yes, as the intra-squad game approaches, excitement วิธีสมัคร ufabet mounts, with sportswriters and broadcasters adding to the hype. Football fans jam the highways to get the best parking and stadium seats. In fact, a couple of years ago 93,000 fans showed up at the University of Alabama to watch new coach Nick Saban’s debut.

However, a strange thing happens with these games. Ten minutes into the game, people lose interest. Spectators talk to the people they came with, and to others around them. Many of them wonder what all the hoopla was about.

Why does a long-anticipated game become boring so quickly?